Nothing at the end of the Lane

Rhiannon's formative work, reborn.

Starting life as FOREMAN, this highly-ambitious project - a serialised story reimagining and rebooting the venerable DOCTOR WHO property - is a bold and stylish adventure in space and time, seizing opportunities to tell stories that the source material might not touch and bring perspectives it might not consider.

A tale of subterfuge, intrigue, politics and spyfare, 

NOTHING AT THE END OF THE LANE promises to bring a mature, thematically-dense brand of storytelling to the much-loved worlds of WHO.




Couched in the near-century of storytelling of the DC COMICS multiverse, Rhiannon's DC DERIVATIVE WORKS project aims to tell short, shared-universe stories that examine the DC superheroes with a new, experimental lens.

Using the tropes and aesthetics of an array of major (and minor) filmic genres, Rhiannon and her collaborators aim to explore themes of identity, minority, direct action and much more, at times wildly diverging from and at other times staying very true to the letter of the text, but always understanding the spirit.

Upcoming DC DERIVATIVE WORKS include 

SUPERMAN: for tomorrowBATMAN: Season of the Damned, WONDER WOMAN: Interview With the Amazon, and a two-part TRINITY drama.