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TARDIS Interiors and Posters, Oh My

Did some little character one-sheets for NATEOTL and uploaded them and some TARDIS interiors over on the main page.

The thing I'm really hoping to finesse on a script level with the project is the innate tragedy of being 'Doctor Who'. There's something deeply sad, deeply isolating, about the character - to me, anyway. This semi-immortal wanderer who lives 'in her car'... It's all a bit morose!

The other thing I'm hoping to finesse is the idea of companions who 'aren't very good'. Nick Marlowe is a disastrous, emotionally-stunted lesbian who pretends to believe in every conspiracy theory imaginable just so she can feel something. David Wright is a stuffy, stodgy man from 1963 who doesn't really want to be there at all, even if he's having a good time.

There's all sorts of metafictional commentary in there too. Attacks on the idea of "curative" and "nostalgic" fandom, the works.

'Til next time,

R.D. Olivaw

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