I Open My Mouth and Air Comes Out

Gawd, I totally fucked this didn't I

Weekly blog updates? Fugeddaboutit, you're gonna have a dozen existential crises in a row for eight months (eight months!).

Well. Let's try this again, shall we?

I live in one of the single most depraved countries in the Western World and it's getting worse every goddamn day. DNR orders on COVID patients with learning disabilities, concentration camps for refugees, a violent and rabid transphobic press. Any normal person would find this exhausting on the reg, and I am not normal. I'm a nutter.

Making the decision to turn Nothing at the End of the Lane into this weird experimental audio-visual thing that's not that far removed from a motion comic or a radio play was definitely the right move. Gives me a lot more freedom. Lot more ability to develop it the way I want. The recording sessions have been going delightfully, by the way, thanks for asking.

Keeping the ball rolling on the DCDW has been a lot harder, but I'll keep at it. Some terrific breakthroughs lately. Costumes, scripts, concepts, an experimental storyboarding system... We're cookin' with gas.

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