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Like Doctor Who, but Different

Nothing At The End of the Lane (NATEOTL) is a process. It's a journey. It's a wild endeavour. 

More usefully, it's a long-percolating, ever-evolving, totally bonkers paean to the BBC's beloved Doctor Who property. Existing in a discrete corner of the Who multiverse, NATEOTL seeks to explore a kind of storytelling and format that regular Who would never be able to, for a multitude of reasons.

It's probably closest in terms of tone and content to the 1989-2005 period dubbed 'the Wilderness Years', where Who largely existed solely in ancillary media formats like novels and comic-books. There's swears in it and sometimes a bit of blood.

While the project is still developing, even now, it has locked-in cast members (Moa Myerson as the Doctor, Zarima McDermott as companion Nick Marlowe, Tommy Blacklock as companion David Wright) and an expansive story outline and array of scripted pieces.

The format will be a series of 10-15 minute short subjects that initially serve to establish the cast of characters and subsequently veer between 'out-there' adventures in time and space and the slow-burning unveiling of an overarching plotline.

Music is being provided by How I Became Invisible.

Also, Death's Head is there. 

Below are an array of exploratory and developmental images for Nothing At the End of the Lane, devised and largely entirely designed, rendered or otherwise completed by yours truly.

Here's a preview of the first episode:

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