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or, Twilight of the Superheroes

What is JUSTICE?

JUSTICE is one of my personal projects.

Like many of my personal projects, it's a 'derivative work' - a wholly personal expression of affection for DC Comics and the host of characters therein.

It asks the question nobody really wants to ask of the setting. Comics are perpetual motion machines, story engines. Nobody's ever thinking about the ending.

That's what JUSTICE is about. Endings. Finality. Ragnarök... Gotterdammerung. Things of that nature.

JUSTICE - As It Is, and As It Was

Currently, JUSTICE is an in-development 'pirate' trilogy of OGNs (original graphic novels), scripted by yours truly with art by Bobby Fernando.  You can see the story as it develops here:

Originally, JUSTICE was to be a wildly inventive unauthorised film miniseries, with a full cast and a lot of development time.

You can learn about what went into that version of the project here:

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