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Did some little character one-sheets for NATEOTL and uploaded them and some TARDIS interiors over on the main page.

The thing I'm really hoping to finesse on a script level with the project is the innate tragedy of being 'Doctor Who'. There's something deeply sad, deeply isolating, about the character - to me, anyway. This semi-immortal wanderer who lives 'in her car'... It's all a bit morose!

The other thing I'm hoping to finesse is the idea of companions who 'aren't very good'. Nick Marlowe is a disastrous, emotionally-stunted lesbian who pretends to believe in every conspiracy theory imaginable just so she can feel something. David Wright is a stuffy, stodgy man from 1963 who doesn't really want to be there at all, even if he's having a good time.

There's all sorts of metafictional commentary in there too. Attacks on the idea of "curative" and "nostalgic" fandom, the works.

'Til next time,

R.D. Olivaw

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  • Writer's pictureRhiannon Olivaw


Somehow, all the sundry planets aligned this past week and we ended up recording *checks notes* three entire episodes of Nothing at the End of the Lane.

I am now busting my backside developing the visuals for these, and I'm scheduling further episodes, and so on, and so forth.

If you're not familiar - Nothing is something I've been working on for the best part of ten years, in one form or another. It has worn a lot of hats and made a lot of absolute cunts extremely angry and also got me into several relationships that, in hindsight, I really wish I hadn't been in at all.

So it's kind of A Big Deal that I might see the back of it by the end of the year.

I've been spending a lot of time considering the notion of 'success' and realised I don't actually care about it, in the broad 'being a name' sense. I'd love to make some money doing what I'm good at! But I don't want to be... A 'name'. I would resent it terribly - the all-seeing eye of Fandom staring me down at all hours of the day, judging and prejudging my every move? Horrible. I'd go insane.


Here's the opening scene of the first episode of NATEOTL. Bang.

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